Nikon vs Canon

Many budding photographers ask, "what camera should I get?". Let me be as clear as possible - It doesn't matter.

What matters is your skill and understanding of photography. I once used an iPhone to shoot a wedding... (It was last min). I used a simple Sony pocket camera to do my first engagement shoot. The couple LOVED the photos. They even had one blown up and on display at their wedding. That photo (last I heard) is now on their bedroom wall.

My point? Focus on learning to master the tools you have. Develop your eye and learn the basic principles of good photography (lighting, composition, creativity etc.). After you have some basic knowledge under your belt, you will gravitate towards the camera that's right for you. (With some guidance of course) Fundamentally, learning who you are as a photographer will dictate what camera(s) are right for you.


Personal disclosure: I shoot with a Nikon D7000 and my trusty iPhone 5(until the iPhone 6 is released). I would love to own a Lieca.  


Happy shooting everyone.

- JR Dawkins