Business Flow #2

After you scribe out your idea, you will want to focus on how that idea makes money. I call this the "money mechanics". Keep in mind, not all great ideas that you have are things others might find valuable.  So you might need to add-to or tweak your idea. 

You goal in this phase is to validate the monitory value of your idea. Who would pay for this? How much would they pay?How often? 

Figure out how much it cost you to build your product or provide your service. Then you add a little extra to make back your investment plus gain a profit.  

This is a very simplified explination, this task can be way more involved. It all depends on the particulars of your idea. I just want to give you a general direction. Google is a free resource that you can use to find credible resources for establishing your price point. Or ask a friend who is knowledgable in business. 

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