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This year I made an effort to celebrate everyday black history being made. I took a moment to speak to a few young black Kings and Queen(I know, I know, I wanted to connect with more ladies but I didn't do a good job planning this year. I'll do better for 2019..) to document their black history.


DéVon | CEO of Bleu Magazine

DéVon has built a fashion magazine from scratch and has no plans for stopping there. Next he's looking to expand Bleu into South Africa. After spending 2 weeks this Jan in Jan to Johannesburg he has a new perspective on the direction of his company. While in Africa something felt welcoming and familiar. Black people are celebrated outside of America on a level that's incomparable to how we are treated in America. He's looking to further engrain some of that celebratory positive energy he felt abroad in his brand moving forward.

Find a mentor if not a person in your immediate circle, look into books from or of people that you can pull from. While you can’t be them you can learn from their experiences.
— DéVon

Ronesha Byng | CEO HerAgenda

2018 will be the year this CEO goes further than she ever has before. Ronesha will be focused on being more disciplined, finishing her book which will be a career guide for women, and launching a new revenue stream for HerAgenda. Ultimately the goal is to position HerAgenda as a resource for helping millennial women land their dream job using machine learning. She won't let anyone stop her agenda!

- Feel the fear and do it anyway.
— Ronesha

Keirshorn Scott | Motivational Speaker & Relationship Counselor.

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY by way of Trinidad Keishorn has been pouring his time and energy into building others. Now as a full time motivational speaker and counselor he's looking to get the new book out for 2018, launch a membership based website focused on relationship building. He will also be formalizing his content by releasing relationship video courses.

Love yourself so you know how to give love. Your not going to know how to love someone if you can’t love yourself. Don’t be afraid to be you.
— Keishorn Scott


Pastor Charles Galbreath III

Originally from Prince George County Maryland, Charles is a Senior Pastor in Brooklyn, NY at Mission Church (formally known as Clarendon Road Church). Since his time at the Church he has been making strides to further engage the community while delivering the unadulterated Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This year he will be focused on completing his PHD and getting Mission Church off the ground. Beyond church business he will be focused on being more present in the lives of his wife and kids. Charle's is following in the footsteps of his father by being not only a leader in the church but at home as well.

Failure is not final. Your going to fail, continue to press forward. Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself and your calling. Start the business, develop the ministry . Keep the dream and look for opportunities to advance it.
— Pastor Charles Galbreath

Ryan Telford | Business man, fashion blogger

Currently Ryan is holding down a successful 9-5 in the tech industry however, Ryan has his eyes set on a bigger purpose. Inspired by his grandfather who went against the grain and became a serial entrepreneur, Ryan is looking to get some ventures of his own off the ground. He's looking to own multiple properties, get back into the stock market and investing and one day plat a major role in building the next black wall street.  It's ambitions like this that drive change, take note.

Let’s focus on blessing each other, coming together in unity and protect each other.
— Ryan Telford