New Nikon Speedlight!

Nikon just released a killer new Speedlight. The SB-5000! 


 A few quick details about the SB-5000: 

  1. It's the new flag ship Speedlight, so this trumps the SB-910. It is more powerful with a further effective range.  
  2. Its smaller and lighter than the previous models.  
  3. The SB-5000 has a built in internal cooling system, Nikon is guarantees 100 continuous shots! 
  4. It's now radio controlled vs infrared. Which means your camera does not need direct line of sight with its reciever any longer. You will need to pick up the WR-A10 adaptor for this to work if your not using the D5 (also new!) or D500.
  5. I WANT ONE! 

Check out the full Nikon SB-5000 details page at the link below :